pro_l_189_tmp-dm02-6401-us51 Features:

The ‘MARCO-POLO’ heavy duty US mortise lock provides the highest level of security and is the ideal standard of residential heavy duty quality. All locks are designed as

Majorinterior working parts are made of solid forged brass or stainless steel.

1′ (25mm) Dead bolt throw with two hardened steel rod avoid breaking and sawing.

Anti-panic operation - Turning inside knob or lever reacts the latch bolt and dead bolt simultaneously, automatically unlocking outside knob or lever. DM SERIES
Provides different spindle for the different thickness of door.

Under patent of : USA4988133, CANADA : 2003262 ROC : 51315 & 50685

UL approval for fire test 3 hours
Saw resistance

Break resistance

Pick resistance

Dummy trim option for double door