5000 Series-ARROW

pro_l_321_90020series-arrow1 FEATURES:

• Non-handed for regular, top jamb and parallel arm applications.
• Adjustable backcheck is standard. Provides cushioning for uncontrolled door openings.
• Backcheck positioning valve is standard.Maintains effective backcheck range on parallel arm applications. The valve is accessible while the closer is installed.
• Available with optional delayed action adjusted with a separate independent valve. Delays door closing to allow unimpeded passage through the opening.
• Streamline (slim) plastic cover standard. Full plastic cover is available.
• Designed to minimize change in closing speed during severe temperature changes.
• Full complement of optional arms, plates and brackets for special applications.

Aluminum (689) AL, Dark Bronze (690) BRZ, Light Bronze (691) LBZ, Black
(693) BLK and Prime Coat (PR).