10 series -MEDECO

pro_l_148_medecoe28099s20-10series1 Model: KeyMark Rim & Mortise

Medeco’s KeyMark rim and mortise cylinders provide affordable replacement cylinders with genuine patented key control.

What distinguishes KeyMark from ordinary locks? The patented Security Leg® keyway. This exclusive patent provides higher security by protecting against unauthorized copies of the keys.

They KeyMark rim cylinder has a tailpiece and is mounted with two screws and a back plate into the opposite side of the door.

The mortise cylinder screws into the lock housing and is held in place with a setscrew.
Our KeyMark rim and mortise cylinders both retrofit locksets of major manufacturers.

Features & Benefits:

· True, patent protected key control protects against unauthorized duplication

· Solid brass construction ensures durability
· Retrofits a wide variety of locksets for maximum keying flexibility.