Access Control

T2 TRILOGY® Digital Locks

pro_l_21_t2 Features:
• Now in waterproof model (DL2700WP) for indoor-outdoor applications
• Clutch mechanism offers long-lasting performance and exceptional strength
• Heavy-duty trim design with self-contained, fully programmable, 12-digit metal keypad Read the rest of this entry »


pro_l_23_mortise_us_front Advanced High-Security Electronic Mortise Digital Locks with Audit Trail and Timed Locking

• 300 User codes: Master, manager, supervisor, basic users
• All Trilogy Mortise Lock Models are weatherproof and operate from -20 to 151 degrees F (-29 to 66 degrees C)
• Fingertip- or Windows PC-programmable
• Real time clock enables up to 500 scheduled events and holiday schedules Read the rest of this entry »


pro_l_22_digital_lock With a high-security Digital Deadbolt, you can unlock the heavy-duty deadbolt by entering a secret code that you choose. Digital Deadbolt can be locked from the outside with a simple twist of the knob, and you won`t need keys to lock it as you leave the house. Now you`ll never have to worry about your keys being lost, stolen or copied again!

Unlike other types of combination deadbolts or keyless entry systems, this one is 100% mechanical, requiring absolutely no batteries or AC current. Read the rest of this entry »

Lei Magnetic Swipe Card Reader

pro_l_19_lei_magnetic This mag stripe card system is easy to program. Programming of cards is done with a digital keypad that`s built into the inside unit.

•Weatherproof metal housing but should be sheltered away from the elements
•Two piece system so secure electronics remain inside protected area
•Narrow style so can be mounted on narrow aluminum door frames
•Uses any track 2 type (the most common like credit cards) magstripe card
•Includes propped door relay
•Up to 120 user capacity

ShadowProx Proximity

pro_l_18_shadowprox_proximity_150 The SH-Y1, SH-Y2, SH-Y4 & SH-X5 proximity readers are the next generation of the popular ShadowProxTM line of proximity readers, cards, and tags. Sleek and contemporary styling allows for installation in the most prestigious locations.

Following the practical tradition of the ShadowProxTM line, these units are mountable on door mullions (SH-Y1), on walls, on single gang electrical boxes (SH-Y2) or on a single or double gang electrical box, as well as any flat surface (SH-Y4). Read the rest of this entry »


pro_l_58_intelliprox-2000• Proximity access with Smart Door Module
• 500 users
• Software for programming
• Inputs for door status and egress
• Output for lock. Read the rest of this entry »

PR PROX card reader

pro_l_20_prproxpntDetailed Description:
The PR-PROX proximity reader has a small, attractive design and all of the electronic components are potted making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The PR-PROX reader accepts 5-16 volts, meeting most voltage requirements. It is available with either Wiegand interface or clock-and-data magnetic stripe interface. Read the rest of this entry »

Access Control

The reason we need access control:

One of the biggest advantages of an electronic access control system is the ability to document and report access activity. Most small single door applications have reporting available either through a printer or through web-based access that shows an audit trail of door access activity. Read the rest of this entry »