combination smoke & co alarm

pro_l_55_120-v-hardwire 120 v hardwire combination smoke & co alarm COS2010

· Manufacturer: American Sensors
· 120 Volt Hardwire Combination Smoke & CO Alarm
· Ionization & Semiconductor Technology
· Visual Alarm Icons (Smoke Or CO)
· Alarm Pause Silencer Feature, 85 dB Alarm Pattern
· Instant Test & Retest Feature
· Interconnectable For Up To 12 Units
· UL & ULc Listed

The American Sensors COS2010 carbon monoxide and smoke alarm monitors and detects harmful smoke and carbon monoxide gas.
It measures the concentration of CO or smoke and sounds a loud alarm pattern when a potentially harmful level is reached. An alarm icon visibly indicates the type of alarm. The unit is easy to install in the home. Simply mount the unit on the ceiling or wall (120 Volt electrical alarm).